Our Genetics

Merry Andrew

She is a pungently skunky near 1:1 CBD: THC.

The medicinal qualities of Merry Andrew are very mellow and great for the treatment of anxiety. She produces a clear headed high that is felt in the shoulders, limbs and body. Great for morning use!

Patients have experienced relief from a variety of conditions such as, using Merry Andrew to ween off of large amounts of pain killers and in the prevention and treatment of seizures. Merry Andrew and its calming effects  may be helpful for anxiety and depression, there is very little “rush” to the medicinal qualities of this strain, but it is most defiantly still felt!


HuckleBerry Skunk


The smell and taste is dank skunk huckleberry. This one taste just like it smells. Watch out for the strong indica effects that may have you napping in no time.

The effects of HuckleBerry Skunk are felt in the head, body and behind the eyes. This one is a creeper.